Monday, October 29, 2012

Circus theme birthday cake


Aidiladha already.. i just realized that no entry for Aidilfitri since i was quite bz with cookies order at that time. Hmm for the 3rd times, we decided to celebrate raya haji at our home, here, in Shah Alam. Malas nak bersesak di jln raya utk raya yg pendek. But the best part is my family pulak yg datang sini utk beraya. Yey!

Since am not going back, I proceed to take an order as usual. Alhamdulillah. Thanks everyone. So, my special project for last weekend was Big Top Circus birthday cake. My friend cum neighbor, Sara, asked me to make a rainbow cake with a little circus elephant+bigtop (something like that) to celebrate her hubby and son's birthday. So.. I decided to make a figurine for the elephant and just decorate the cake to look like a big top. :)


Susah betol nak bela gajah ni bcoz my son and nephew "geram" sgt tgk. huhu

Yes, they're september babies.. not typo ok..hehe

Rainbow cake 
Layered with creamcheese
Coated with special buttercream

Thank you Sara for promoting me on your blog. Nanti aku bg a slice of RV..haha.

Salam Aidiladha everyone!

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