Thursday, October 18, 2012

First booth!


Last 2 weeks, I have been busy with my first booth at MMU's convocation festival. Oh Multimedia University, how I missed my university. I took a walk down memory lane, my pleasant times being a student, just study+enjoy+study+enjoy..hahaha heaven! How time flies..I left campus life about 7 years ago. 5 years struggling for Engineering degree. Yeah, I was an engine's student and also used to be an engineer for 5 years. Hmm studied 5 years, being an engineer 5 years. haha tah pape je kan.. Err dont ask me why I being a baker now... U just need to know that I LOVE BAKING! Err..maybe one day I'll use calculus to make my own recipes..who knows kannn?! :p

Ok back to the booth. I was excited to set up the booth. A week before, I jotted down my to-do-list, I know am not the only one who sell the cupcakes, so I have an ideas to make it different. So, I baked 100pcs of pavlova crust, tartlet, and cupcakes with grad's cap, scroll and the MMU cute! And all of them was SOLD OUT! alhamdulillah.

Our first day sales was not so good since it was a postgraduates day. A bit down when I calculated the sales. So second day, I just add a rainbow cake and cheese tart. Alhamdulillah.. our sales up 3 times than yesterday.

Day 3, my most-wanted-dessert, Pavlova, was getting famous. Ala-ala..mendapat tempat di hati pengunjung. Repeated customer, yesterday she bought 1 and today she buys 5 pcs. haha.

Day 4, I just topup some pavvy, cupcakes and tartlet. Since no more pembantu2 kesayangan (SIL n cousin), so buat je mana yg sempat. Letih punya pasal, me and hubby woke up at 8.30pm. OMG.. we're so rushing, dah la last day, tak habis pulak kang. So we reached there almost 10am. phew just about to set up, customer started to buy. Alhamdulillah with 2 hours pavlova was SOLD OUT. So I topup some fruit tart on the spot. At 2 pm, crowd were getting lesser. I put a smile on my face when I looked at the 2 pieces of cupcakes and 1 set of cupcakes. I gave that 2 pieces cuppies to my "booth-neighbour's" kids and the other set I kept it to my lil boy.  Done.


Million thanks to all beloved customers for your supports. Till we meet again!


Thanks hubby, cousin, SIL, BIL and friends for ur support too,
Wirda MD