Thursday, November 1, 2012

Giant Cupcake!

Hello November!

Today I just made a new style cake; a huge cupcake, so called Giant cupcake! Haha. I was excited when I read my inbox. I made a visit to each bakery supplier shop to find that pan. After 2 days, I found the Wilton's pan..but how I wish I was in US so that I can just buy that kind of pan with the cheaper price without worrying to convert the price into MYR. Pffttt.. RM150++ uhmm uhmm.. Nevermind. I tried other alternative, asked Mr. Google to search that giant pan and Thank You Allah, I found one! And it's cheaper than Wilton's, of course! Wehuuuu!

Since it was my first time using this pan, a bit kelam kabut lah with the batter quantity. Need more practices..err but sapa nak makan kek kalo buat saje2? :p

So this is the result...tadaaaaaaaaaaaa!

The size actually not so huge..(about 25times normal cupcake?).. diameter about 7" but the height also 7".. So total weight almost 2kg..

Just a simple decoration since it was last minute order and not much time to make an edible as per request.

Btw, thank you Hannah's mummy (sis Eynda) for your order. Happy Birthday cutey Hannah!

=) wirda


  1. Terima kasih sebab buat cake yg sangat cute & sedap utk Hannah ;-)

  2. Thank you sbb tempah kek jugak..haha:)

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