Sunday, November 11, 2012

"I love bazaar"



As I told you before, I'm gonna join the "I love bazaar" @ Syopz mall, Taylor University Lakeside Campus from 8 to 10 November 2012. But I just managed to open for 2 days only since I had another order to make... huhu penat seh! 

That was the first time I've been there. Quite impressive even am not in the middle of the campus. Our booth was held at Syopz Mall; the first building you'll see when entering the campus. Nice place. Hot student. Good customers. hehe..

just a simple booth as usual. Bagus jugak sbb awning building tu tempias bila hujan, jenuh nak cover my dessert. T_T (repair pls)

Ahha!! Durian crepe in the houseeee~ This is my first time selling it. Selling so fast!!!  

 Beside pavlova, rainbow cake and chocolate moist cake.. I'm selling this cute lil RV too!

I hope I can join another bazaar in future. Thanks dear customers, students, staff, and not to forget Ryl Design for organizing the bazaar. 


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